We are the husband and wife duo, Travis and JeanMarie Indell. Our dream of owning a restaurant started in 2010. We’ve always been foodies who love entertaining and cooking for our friends and now we get to do it for a living! We are passionate about sourcing fresh, local ingredients to create quality food. Our chili, sauces and dressings are made in-house and our buns are fresh baked from The Bread Stop here in Eugene. Long’s Meat Market does a superb job combining our custom grind of chuck and brisket from certified humane beef at Anderson Ranch

We make custom built burgers and sandwiches and we’re not going to tell you what to put on them. We’ll put what you tell us and nothing more. Our catchphrase “Build your Burger like a Boss” says it all.

EBC Team and Menu
Team Leaders


Travis has a degree in Business and an extensive background in the service industry. He’s coached wrestling and football since 2007 and continues to serve his community through coaching. He is a beer enthusiast and proud father. On any given day you’ll catch him behind the counter with an ever ready joke, grilling up mains with ease and a noticeable talent for customer service.

JeanMarie has a full time career in Nursing and mother of five along with several fur babies. She is just as dedicated to serving wholesome food to her family as she is quality food to the public. When she’s not at work or being a behind the scenes powerhouse for EBC, you’ll find her in the garden “playing in the dirt” or in the kitchen canning the bounty to be enjoyed year round.